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 in response to mhymel...   

Do you live in Nashville?

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 in response to studentdent...   

my daughter just came from corpus christi tx and need some  dental work all 4 of her top teeth have chiped off and broke  right now i do not have a lot of money because they came with very  and we are replacing  she has a 2yr and 4 yr old but i  can pay  

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Hi, my card can save you up to 75% on your prescriptions! Simply print it out, take to the pharmacy and save!!!! The card is free, so print out however many you may need!! God bless

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 in response to SoldierX...   

oh yea. one other resource for those needing dentures.  To enlist in the army, i had to have full extraction and replacement.  Due to time constraints, i had to opt for dentures.  I got mine from the Donelson, TN office of Affordable Dentures, Inc.  From what i've been told by the founder of Interfaith Dental Clinic and the Captain who examined me upon my arrival at Ft. Benning, Affordable made me an exceptionally well fitting, high quality set of dentures.  The Captain also commented on how well my extractions were done and how "perfect" (as she put it) my ridges (the gum/bone structures left after extractions) were.  If you're in the middle tennessee area, and need dental work, DEFINITELY look into these 2 resources

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Just a couple of suggestions for those who need dental work on a shoestring budget.

1) look for colleges/universities in your area with a dental school... you can generally get work done there much cheaper than at a dentist (because the work is done by students who are supervised by the dentistry professors teaching there)

2) look for dental/health based local charities, or locally or state run health facilities (again, these types of places charge on a sliding scale based on income).  If you're in or near Nashville, TN you could try Interfaith Dental clinic (where i got full upper and lower extraction for less than 1/3 what an oral surgery unit was wanting to charge) or Matthew Walker Comprehensive clinic for almost any healthcare issue (including dental.. they were even cheaper than Interfaith, but i did not have the time to wait on their dental waiting list).

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